Reflection (A Tribute to Father’s Everywhere)

By: Brittnee Fehr

She Hustle Magazine Volume 1

By Danielle Pilon in She Hustle Collective Magazine

52 pages, published 8/15/2020

She Hustle Collective Magazine: We Are Women Changing The World with Grace, Passion & Determination!

In my daddy’s eyes,

I see everything I hope to be.

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All of our life dreams and desires,

Are reflected back to me.

In my daddy’s arms,

I feel supported, safe and strong.


If I had the choice,

I would stay here all-day long.

In my daddy’s voice,

I hear him speak conviction, truth, and love.

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Wrapped in his embrace, he sings to me each night,

Like an angel from above.

I watch my daddy’s every move,

His actions and intention are always pure and true.

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Every day I pray to God,

To grow up and be just like you.

He is my laughter,

He is my light.

My daddy is the most magnificent star,


Shining oh so bright.

So, whenever you feel tired,

Defeated, frustrated or sad,

Remember to gaze into my bright blue eyes,

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to see the reflection of the world’s greatest dad.

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