By: Brittnee Fehr Like a single stone being dropped into water, creating a reaction or vibrational frequency of circular waves that project from the center point in space and time, the human heart has the same capability to spread ripples of high frequency love from ones’ heart center outward intoContinue Reading

By: Brittnee Fehr Everything is energy. In fact, we are all living, breathing, moving energy. Surrounding each and every one of us is an energy field. This field is the vibration of the frequency we are holding within our bodies, emanating out of our bodies, about a foot and aContinue Reading

Advertising Space Available Online Website & Magazine Advertising Opportunities Ready to reach a growing market of female entrepreneurs? Renting Space on our website and in our Magazine is a quick flashy way to draw attention to your brand! Simple & Affordable Monthly Rates Flexibility to Change up Content Continuously 3Continue Reading

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES We are always looking for fine art and fashion photographers, artists, film directors, cinematographers, writers, poets, and creatives to highlight and present work on the site and in print. If this is your first time working with us please try to submit completed work. While we do sometimesContinue Reading

Submit Written Content To Us: Online Blog Features Article Length: 500 – 1500 words Submit through email: Subject “Online Blog Features” Attach Article with photos, art, links, bio and social media info in a word document We are currently accepting submissions for the following: Beauty & Fashion Features MoneyContinue Reading