Hey boss babe!!!

Great to hear you’re interested in our accountability program! 

First things first, let’s make sure the program is right for you and will be helpful.

Take a look at the sentences below, and confirm you are in agreement:

  I have a project or goal I want to accomplish/make progress on.

  I understand that in order to achieve success in this program, I need to be committed and I will take responsibility for doing the tasks I set myself.

   I understand that if I do all the tasks I set myself and take on board your feedback, you will refund my money if I haven’t made significant progress after 6 months. ​

How it works:

  • You will receive one email from me every Friday asking what you have done that week and what went well, what you would like to do next week and any other comments. 

  • I will reply to your email every Monday (although it may not be a lengthy reply every time). I will offer advice or suggestions where appropriate or requested, but I will not tell you what to do or when to do it. You know your own life and what is best for you. My job is to support you and encourage you as you move forward 🙂

  • You don’t have to spend long on the emails… they are designed to help you move forward, not give you extra work!

If this sounds right for you, I’d love to have you on board! Here are the next steps…

Registering is easy:

  1. Send us an email below. Places are limited and are on a first come first served basis. (And remember, our early-bird discount ends on July 31st, 2019!) 
  2. Payment is via PayPal. If you are in Canada and would like to pay by e-transfer, please indicate this on your registration form.
  1. Shortly after your place has been confirmed, you will receive an information email with the final details you’ll need about the program.
  2. You’ll receive your first email on Friday, September 6th. Your 6 months will start from this first Friday check-in email.
  3. Give yourself a pat on the back, grab a drink or brew a tea, and celebrate the fact that you are taking steps to move forward towards your goal! ​ 

Accountability Fall 2019 Package

Sign up for the early bird pricing until July 31, 2019.


Any questions? Let me know and I’d be happy to help. ​​

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