How to join?

The next challenge will open shortly. So for now, fill out the form below, and you’ll receive details when it is announced.

The next challenge is scheduled for Fall 2019… so get planning! 

Full details:

  1. Choose a habit you want to implement in your life. ONE habit only. (If you want to bring in another habit at a later date, why not join a future program!)

  2. Fill in the registration form below. 

  3. You will receive details when the next challenge is announced (planned for summer 2019). 

  4. We start on the 1st of that month – no excuses! 😉 You do your habit, text* me to say you’ve done it, and I will send you a lovely text back to congratulate and cheer you on.

  5. If I don’t hear from you? I’ll be chasing you up by the end of the day, and sending you pictures of sad puppy dog faces.

  6. The five people who complete their habits best will receive extra kudos on our Facebook page!

In a nutshell:

Starts: Next challenge scheduled for summer 2019
Program length: 1 month
Cost: Free (for your first habit challenge) 
For: Anyone, anywhere in the world

*text or Whatsapp, depending on your preference

I’m looking forward to helping you get started with some GREAT habits! ​ ​

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