It is human nature to have the false belief that we are not worthy of receiving and feeling unconditional love… It’s simply not true and I’m going to talk about why.

Discover your fears and doubts. Sometimes we have fears and doubts in our mind that we don’t realize are there. These fears and doubts will hinder people each time from developing self-mastery skills that enable them to take control of their life.

You sit with your hands clutched to the steering wheel, your stress level rising by the minute.  You have exactly ten minutes before you have to get to the day care center, and there’s an accident blocking traffic.  After you pick up Jolene, you’ll have to go to the supermarket,Continue Reading

Ever get your mind stuck in a bad groove?
Doing this is toxic, especially if we’re already feeling down. It’s a serious block to our happiness, both now and in future. But the good news is that research shows it’s a habit we can break.